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Roche Harbor Trail System

Find your solitude and meander through woods, meadows, and pond. Hike to Mt. Young or follow the trail to the Historical English Camp. The Roche Harbor Trails System is waiting for you with ten miles of trails at the resort’s doorstep.  Thank you to the Roche Harbor Trails volunteer group for their continued maintenance!

Protected from traffic, the path begins next to the road at the resort’s airport. Pass the windmill and water treatment facility, enter the forest at Tim’s trail on your left. A little further is Bent Cedar Pass Trail. Follow the map and discover the local fauna and various micro- ecosystems. Thanks to the dedication of local volunteers who maintain these trails, Roche Harbor trails have been recognized as a National Recreational Trail by the United States Department of the Interior. We are very proud to have opened this beautiful area to the residents and guests of San Juan Island. See the map to select your next walk or hike.


Up Doc Capron Lane, across Roche Harbor Road and at the end of the parking lot is our wonderful off leash dog park, Pup Town. The area encompasses almost two acres with large and small dog areas separated by secure access gates. There is water for the dogs to drink and a ‘poop bag’ dispenser to clean up messes. It is a great place for dogs to run, chase balls and smell all the unique and interesting scents.


Roche Harbor is fortunate enough to sit adjacent to a National Historic Park and National Monument lands, all connected by trails directly out of the resort or accessible by just a few-minute car ride. Whether you want to explore historic English Camp, climb to the top of Mt. Young, or check out the shellfish-rich shoreline along Westcott Bay, you’re sure to find adventure for every member of the family.

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