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Pricing & Offers

The most common questions we receive about Roche Harbor Weddings are about pricing. “How much does it cost?”

We’re guessing not as much as you might think, especially if you’re looking to take advantage of our 2020 offers. Contact us for details!

Venue & Catering

We make it simple for you to know and understand what you’re getting for what you’re paying. We charge for five things on your wedding day:

Venue – covers the ceremony and reception venue, equipment, set-up, tear-down, tables, chairs, linens, cake cutting, etc. Varies based on the date you choose for the celebration. Includes Chapel & Garden for ceremony as well as the Pavilion and Courtyard for cocktail hour and reception.

Food – per person based on the menu you select (buffet or plated).

Beverage – per drink ordered, and only what you host. Imagine going out to a bar and ordering drinks. No bartender fees or pre-purchasing product, and you can set a do-not-exceed mark for what you want to host at the event.

Service Fee – comprehensive to cover staffing, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or gratuity.

Tax – because, well, Uncle Sam gets his, too.

You’ll not see anything else on your final bill for the wedding day itself. No silly fees, no hidden costs, no extra anythings.

Garden wedding at Roche Harbor
Photo by Monique Nethercott
Wedding party outside Hotel de Haro
Photo by Monique Nethercott


The best part of a destination wedding is getting everyone together in the same place for a couple of nights or more. We have the islands’ largest variety of rooms for your guests to stay in, and pricing to fit every budget and family size. Keep in mind that Summer rates are higher than Spring, Fall & Winter rates and prices for lodging start in the hundred dollar per night range during the peak season.

A courtesy room block is included in your Roche Harbor wedding and your wedding night is complimentary in a boutique room! Imagine that – a block of rooms you’re NOT financially responsible for!

Weddings at Roche Harbor
Photo by Clinton James