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Afterglow Spa – A Place to Connect

Spa Reservations

(360) 378-9888

Wednesday – Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Afterglow Spa is an intimate space to unwind and connect. Located at the heart of Roche Harbor Village, we offer an enticing collection of spa experiences including traditional massage, unique body treatments, oceanic hydrotherapy and guided cold immersion, performance and relaxing facials, lash enhancements, tinting services, and natural or enhanced nail services.

Our carefully developed spa experiences partner with highly regarded brands that use regionally sourced, biodynamic, vegan and/or gluten free ingredients. We are honored to have Eminence Organic Skincare as our primary partner along with Vital Body Therapeutics, and Farmhouse Fresh products.

Let us surprise you with our unique spa-inspired gifts or a well appreciated gift card, available in any amount.  

Spa Treatments

Afterglow Relaxation Massage  

A classic medium pressure massage. Consultation with your therapist is encouraged to customize this full body massage. Designed to promote relaxation and improve circulation.   

60 minutes $149    90 minutes $189      


Afterglow Deep Tissue Massage 

Experience profound relaxation using the benefits of CBD and arnica. This specialized massage focuses on detailed muscle work by using firmer pressure and stretching on specific areas to target deeper muscle tension. We recommend the use of the steam room before this massage. A 90-minute service is suggested enhanced effectiveness.

Afterglow Recommendation: Vital Body Therapeutics Muscle & Joint Balm  

60 minutes $159      90 minutes $199   


San Juan Stone Massage 

Smooth heated stones are used to create comfort and warmth. Combined with traditional massage techniques and CBD + Arnica massage oil, stones act as extensions of the therapists’ hands to help dissolve tension, promoting deep relaxation.

60 minutes $159      90 minutes $199    


Pregnancy Massage 

Using organic massage oil, this massage will help to alleviate pregnancy related discomforts. Special body cushions are used to maximize comfort, affording relief and relaxation. Eases back tension, improves elasticity, and reduces swelling.  

For guests in their 2nd and 3rd Trimester. 

60 minutes $149 


On Board Massage  

or in-room massage (space requirements apply)  

Let Afterglow come to you in the privacy of your water vessel or guest suite. Our deluxe portable table provides all the comforts of the spa including Comphy™ sheets, blankets and spa music.   

60 minutes $189     90 minutes $229 


Alternative Experiences

You’ll find that some of our therapists are certified in other modalities including Reiki, Structural Integration and others. Please ask for more information if you are interested in a unique experience. 

60 minutes $159      90 minutes $199    


For Couples

Voted “The Best of Weddings by The Knot”, Roche Harbor embraces connection with the massage of your choice in our serene couple’s suite. We suggest a couple’s mineral or aromatherapy soak prior to your massage. 

Afterglow AntiAging Facial  

Defy age using Eminence targeted anti-aging line, this results-oriented facial will cleanse, refine, target needs and deeply hydrate the skin. Results are immediate, leaving skin looking firm and luminescent. Professional cleansing, tone, exfoliation or peel, anti-aging mask, massage and targeted skin care application are included. Mineral application and professional recommendations will be included.  

90 minutes $189  


Afterglow Essential Eminence Facial  

This organic facial treatment is designed for premature aging, sun damage, acne, tone, texture, and radiance. Customized to your specific needs, the biodynamic ingredients bring a sense of skin health after each treatment. Excellent for men.

60 min. $139


Clarifying Facial  

This hour-long treatment uses our popular Eminence Organic Skincare and is specifically designed to improve skin clarity, breakouts, and balance the skin. Advanced formulas regulate problematic skin to hydrate and calm acne-prone skin types. Extractions may be suggested.  

60 minutes $139   


Tinting Services

Brow tinting   –   20 minutes  $25 

Lash tinting   –   30 minutes  $25 


Waxing services 

Curated Brow (Wax plus Tint)  30 min   –   $49

Brow, Lip or Chin Wax 15 min   –   $25

1/2 leg wax 30 min   –   $39 

Full Leg Wax 60 min   –   $79 

Underarm 30 min   –   $39

½ arm Wax 30 min   –   $29 

Bikini 30 min   –   $39

Enhanced Bikini 60 min   –   $79 

Afterglow Spa Ritual 

A unique self-guided experience that includes our private overhead rain shower. with loofah exfoliation, eucalyptus steam inhalation room and spend time reading or unwinding in our Afterglow relaxation lounge enjoying infused water or tea.  

$25 per person without spa treatment. Based on availability. 


Enhance your spa experience with a soothing bath in our private hydrotherapy tub. The pressure jets gently massage you as you enjoy one of the following:

Essential Eucalyptus

Eases stiff muscle, joints and supports a healthy respiratory system.

20 minutes    $39   couples bath $49 


Vital Body Mineral Wellness

Experience transformative wellness in this purifying, re-mineralizing bath, concentrated mineral crystals combined with Aromatherapy oils help to relax muscles and joints.          

20 minutes single $39 couples $49  


Vital Body Mineral Cold Immersion  

Guided virtually by our own San Juan Island Wim Hof instructor, Natalie King – immerse yourself in our exclusively unique indoor hydrotherapy bath experience. Our natural biorhythms get used to stressors; cold immersion will “shock stress”, awaken the vegus nerve, improve immunity and sleep quality. Water is set to a maximum of 59* (or colder). Immersion includes Vital Body Therapeutics Mineral Salts infused with magnesium for extraordinary detoxification and joint relaxation. We recommend a warming shower or steam bath to coincide with the cold immersion programming.  

 20 minutes Single $39     Couples $49 

Afterglow Recommendation: Vital Body Mineral Salts 

Naked Manicure

This popular new system transforms the cosmetic appearance of the nails and delivers long-term therapy benefits to make nails strong and healthy. The perfecting base neutralizes any yellowing or discoloration, smooths cracks or ridges and creates smooth flawless natural appearance. Choose matte or glossy top-coat. No color.

25 minutes $49 


Farmhouse Fresh Manicure 

Using our fresh and creative line loaded with nourishing tropical ingredients. Your hands are exfoliated with a sea salt scrub, and hydrated with then a rich masque can penetrate inside warmed mittens. Next enjoy a relaxing and hydrating hand and arm massage. Includes cuticle treatment, nail maintenance and a perfect polish of the nails.  Gel or traditional polish  

55 minutes $69 


Farmhouse Fresh Pedicure  

Relax in our massaging pedicure chairs while your feet are immersed in a whirlpool bath with scented body wash and exfoliated with an infused body polish.  Your heels are treated with a Honey Heel Glaze while you enjoy a massage of the legs and feet, complete with a botanical oil infusion.  Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, and polish application.    

60 minutes $89 


We recommend you schedule your spa services prior to your arrival at the resort or marina. Our spa coordinators would be delighted to connect by phone 360.378.9888 or email at Credit cards are needed for reservations.  


Afterglow Spa Ritual  

Complimentary with each spa experience, the Afterglow Spa Ritual includes overhead rainshower with exfoliation loofah, eucalyptus steam room, and relax in our lounge with infused spa waters or tea.  

$25 (Complimentary with any 60 min. spa experience). 


Amenities and Activities 

Please inquire about activities during your stay; nature walks and wellness classes.  Brouse our spa retail for skincare, body or sun care and beauty supplies for lash and nail maintenance. Spa amenities include access to our Spa Ritual and relaxation lounge to enjoy herbal tea or infused spa water.  


Arrive Early  

We suggest arriving 30 minutes prior to your scheduled service. This allows you the time to check in and enjoy our Afterglow Spa Ritual; including overhead rainshower with loofah exfoliation, eucalyptus steam room, and relax in our lounge. Late arrivals will experience a shortened service.  



Beautiful spa robes, sandals and a locker will be provided during your visit. Each of our therapists are professionally trained in secure draping techniques, please feel free to dress to your comfort level during each spa experience. Robes are available for purchase.  


Adult Space 

Afterglow Spa is offered as an adult environment. Spa Guests 16-18 will be asked to be accompanied by an adult. Guests younger than 16 can enjoy nail services in our nail room, however, are unable to visit adult spa areas.  



Thank you for your generosity to our spa team. Gratuities are not included and can be added to any spa experience.  


Gift Cards  

Surprise someone special with the ultimate gift. Afterglow Spa Gift Cards are available in any amount and never expire.  


Digital Detox  

We encourage you to enjoy a digital detox at Afterglow Spa. In consideration of our guests enjoying their experiences, please turn off cell phones when entering the spa. Cell phones are not allowed in spa areas.  


Changes and Cancellations  

If you need to cancel or change your spa reservation, please let us know 24 hours in advance. Group reservations of more than four appointments require a 48-hour notice for cancellation. A 50% service charge may be applied for late cancellations or no shows.