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Roche Harbor is more than a resort: it’s a scenic country village on the shorelines of the Salish Sea filled with pocket neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, marine activities and hiking trails.

At Roche Harbor we work together, live together and play together.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, experience new cultures and make connections for your next grand adventure in life.

We believe our employees are the most important part of our success, and try hard to make them feel like part of our family.  Most managers work side-by-side with their crew members, rather than in some stuffy office.  If you’re looking for an alternative to corporate-run operations, Roche Harbor is the place for you!

Our Jobs

Every year we hire nearly 200 seasonal employees to meet our summer season needs. Some departments gear up in late March, while most job openings begin in early May and go through September, some extending into October.

Our Ideal Candidate

Our guests come back to Roche Harbor because our crew members create lasting memories with fun and friendly attitudes around the resort.  We say good morning while walking the cobblestone paths, and show genuine interest in our guests’ experiences during their stays.  If you like to have a good time while making money, Roche Harbor is a perfect place.

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For Fun

The San Juan Islands are the country’s newest national monument because there’s so much natural beauty to explore.  Hiking, biking and running on the islands’ trails and rural roads is common, and if you’re looking for a unique experience try some of the best sea kayaking and whale watching in the country. Exploring these wonders while hanging out with new friends and learning about other places to travel throughout the world is what you’ll do in your down time.  Summer 2018 featured crew members from Australia, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Argentina, Bolivia, Phillippines, Vietnam, and Russia.

Roche Harbor is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and promotes a drug-free workplace.

International Applicants

J-1 Summer Work & Travel Program:

The Summer Work & Travel Program offers students a four month opportunity to work for Roche Harbor for 90 days followed by 30 days of fun time for cultural U.S. travel. Interested first year students need to apply directly through the sponsoring agencies / offices of CCUSA or CIEE within their country. Please visit the CCUSA / CIEE websites (below) for more information on how you can interview for Roche Harbor. Students returning to Roche Harbor after their first year may be considered for the Independent J-I Programs at the option of Roche Harbor.

For more information on joining Roche Harbor’s Internship Training Programs please visit the following sponsorship websites:

International work experience at Roche Harbor

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