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Boating to Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor Marina is located on the north end of San Juan Island in Washington State.  The island is located approximately 65 miles north of Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area and southeast of Vancouver Island and the Canadian gulf islands.

Roche harbor can be reached through multiple passages.  A southern approach from the Haro Strait via Mosquito Pass or a northern approach between Henry and Pearl Island will lead boaters into the harbor, at which point the docks will be visible to the east.  It is not recommended to enter the harbor between San Juan Island and Pearl Island, as this waterway can be hazardous and too shallow for most large vessels depending on the tidal conditions.

Upon arrival, boaters should hail on VHF channel 78A for a slip assignment.

The marina consists of two sections of docks: the main guest dock, an “L” shaped dock along the eastern shore; and the permanent moorage dock to the west.

The guest dock contains slips 1 – 46 (numerical)
The permanent moorage dock contains slips on docks A – J (alphabetical)

The fuel dock is located at the end of the channel between the two dock sections.