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Safety at Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor is now welcoming guests for overnight moorage and lodging at 50% occupancy.  This update comes from San Juan County Public Health Officer Dr. James’ revision to the Public Health Order to open these operations earlier than the previously established date of Phase 3.

PLEASE NOTE – Masks/face coverings are required in indoor spaces as well as situations in which a minimum 6 foot distance cannot be maintained.

Roche Harbor Employees, Guests, Residents and Stakeholders,

It is a beautiful day in the San Juan Islands.   We miss you all and truly wish you were here now.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone.   Unfortunately, we will all have to continue making significant changes in our daily behavior until the crisis is over.  Excellent sanitation, personal behavior, social distancing and isolation of patients are the only currently effective ways to address this disease.   No one really likes any of these changes, but they are the only effective treatment we have until a vaccine or cure.

You may wonder, “When is Roche Harbor going to open?  What will be operating?  How will you make us as safe as possible?”  These are the fundamental questions and planning which our team has been working on for the past few weeks.  There is still lots of unclarity and uncertainty. Below is the brief outline of our best plan as of TODAY.  Of course, all of this could change with very short notice.

The Governor released Washington’s Phased Approach – Reopening Business and Modifying Physical Distancing Measures.  This is a 4 phased plan that sets guidelines and provides some date guidance.  Roche Harbor will follow these phases and San Juan County’s implementation of the State’s phased reopening plan.  Below is our general plan for reopening under the phased plan.  Please recognize the dates are entirely subject to continuing improvements in Washington State’s COVID-19 case rates.


This is Roche Harbor’s current operating phase

Phase 3

  • Gatherings of up to 50 people permitted
  • Lodging and moorage open at 100% capacity

Phase 4

  • Gatherings of more than 50 people permitted.

In addition to this Phased Operating Plan.  Roche Harbor will be implementing a wide range of extensive cleaning, sanitation, staff health and training and operational changes.  Here is a brief outline:

  • Cleaning and Sanitation – Extra attention and hourly checklist-based cleaning and sanitation on all frequently touched surfaces resort wide. We are following the American Hotel & Lodging Association “Safe-Stay” guidelines.
  • Staff Health Check and training – We are implementing daily health checks of all staff including temperature and symptom reviews. All front-line staff are tested for COVID-19.
  • Operational Changes – These standards are evolving rapidly. We will follow newly developed standards for each of our operations.  These will be based on newly mandated State and existing industry guidelines. There will be very visible changes to seating, queuing and densities.
  • Distancing and Group limitations. Roche Harbor is oriented around the gathering of friends and family; these changes have a significant impact on how it “feels”Significant elements include:
    • Limitations of private group gatherings in Phase 3 to no more than 50 people
    • Suspension of larger group events until Phase 4.
      • 4th of July – Ouch! Traditional group activities are suspended
      • Weddings & rendezvous events of larger than 50 guests permitted in phase 4.
      • Hang on here…No “Wine Tasting” or Party Barge celebrations until Phase 4.

There is a lot we do not know. Changes are on-going over the days, weeks, and months to come.  Everything is and will continue to be different than what we have all known.

We are in this together.

Roche Harbor is committed to providing a safe environment and operation, and a great experience for guests and employees.  Our ‘sense of place’ comes not just from the place, but from all of you who have given so much for so many years.  The coming weeks, months and year will be a great challenge to us all.

There will be many stories to tell and when this is over and there is a cure…we will host a grand celebration to our mutual success!

Roche Harbor is overwhelmingly grateful for your years of support.


Brent Snow, General Manager